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Prayer Spaces

Do you crave a place of your own in your day to day life where you are fully free to pray? 

How would you describe such a Prayer Space for yourself?

How would you design such a Prayer Space for yourself? 

My hope is that this website can be a catalyst for defining and designing those Prayer Spaces for which so many "hunger" and by which so many restless hearts have been stilled. 

Join me in this project of encouraging all who seek a home for their daily prayer to be free to create those sacred spaces in their own homes or daily lives for prayer.

Whether simple or ornate, inside or outside, spaces for prayer offer us opportunities to discover the indwelling presence of a God who seeks us first.



  Aids for prayer are numerous and vary over time and tradition.  One source that aids to capture one's imagination and stir a desire for prayer has often been found through art and visual representations. The photography featured on this site is being prepared for use as prayer cards, greeting cards, stationary - of various types, and for framing. Additional items may be found in the Portfolio area. A book of images which can be used for prayer and meditation will soon be available through this site as well. Please use the email address found below to contact us for inquiries.  


To contact us - info@prayerspaces.com

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